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Viernes, 1 marzo 2013

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Ciudad: Caracas, Distrito Capital
Operación: Ofrecido

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Nombre Lawrence Greenberg
Número de Teléfono 1+212-879-0688


Mayfair Advisors, Ltd. with principal offices in New York, NY USA and affiliate offices in Tokyo and Miami. Est.1999

Our firm in some cases can provide collateral to our Clients for lease to participate in trading positions, investments and for possible use as loan enhancement for raising project finance through investment positions only.

Collaterals are issued under contract for a given period, usually between 1 to 2 years, although longer and shorter terms can be provided.

Contracts remain confidential between us and our Clients and the fact that collaterals are effectively ‘leased’ is never disclosed. The Client has all the benefits of ownership during the contract period and our collaterals are accepted by traders and trade platforms, lenders and banking institutions.

We provide collaterals to our Clients that have access to approved trading programmes and trade positions to employ our collaterals within for enhanced return to our investors. Collaterals such as Bank Guarantees, SBLC’s can be provided, as well as Proof of Funds.

Our collaterals are acceptable by approved traders and recognised trade programmes and are issued on a profit share basis of the net trade returns.
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